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Welcome to Shigeboh's Private Room !!

This website has three themes: original music, tennis, and English training.

- My music is available for your enjoyment in MIDI, RealAudio, and MP3 formats.
- I love both watching professional tennis games, and playing myself in amateur tournaments.
- I am a Japanese man who lives in Tokyo and have been studying English since 1998. Both native and non-native English speakers are welcome!

I would like to make this place cozy for people who enjoy such pastimes. So relax, sit back, and enjoy my tiny world for a while.

Special thanks to:
- Stacey Martin, my previous English teacher from U.K. She still teaches and encourages me with e-mail in spite of the fact that she has already left Japan. What a, no, kind teacher and friend she is! :*)
- Lee, my present American English teacher. He teaches me patiently every week at a private school. :)

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Profile My profile and hilarious yet poignant biography.
Favorite Musicians They reflect my generation unoriginal! :D
I can't live without tennis!! My results from amateur tennis tournaments, my favorite players, and so on.
Shigeboh's Music Warehouse My original free music files. I hope you like them!
Get Shigeboh's Original CDs!! You can get my free CDs if you join my virtual fan club.
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Shigeboh's Diary I try to update as regularly as I can. If you find any grammatical mistakes or incorrect usage of words in it, please let me know.
Shigeboh's Chat Room Chat away about what you like, but don't forget your netiquette!
English Training (TOEIC) TOEIC stands for Test Of English for International Communication. I have been taking the exams since 1998.
Shigeboh Virtual Fan Club It is a kind of tongue-in-cheek virtual fan club. But you must join to get my free CDs!
Shigeboh's Message Board Leave your messages. I would love to hear from you all!
How to listen to music If you have difficulty playing my music, refer to this page. It might be helpful.

Last updated Feb. 20, 2005
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