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Internet handle: Shigeboh
birthday: Nov. 22, 1962
sex: male
marital status: single
personality: a little bit earnest. maybe a perfectionist and obsessive person...who knows?
job: a humble office worker who works for a Japanese corporation which manufactures precision instruments, such as printers, photo scanners, photocopiers and so on.
hobbies: - composing, playing, and listening to music
- playing tennis and watching professional games
- studying English
birthplace & present address: Nihombashi Tokyo, Japan
musical background: Back in college, I used to compose commercial music for Video and TV programs, and also helped a professional composer, though my major was electrical engineering. After a three-year hiatus, I finally graduated and got a job as an engineer. I quit that job 6 months later and got my present job. Unfortunately, my work had all-but forced me to stop my musical activities. But since 1998, when I divorced, I have managed to resurrect them little by little...

My hilarious yet poignant biography -under construction-

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