Shigeboh's 'Real' Private Room

The coverings of Shigeboh's private room will be unravelled gradually...

Personal Computer: Sony VAIO PCV-L520/BP
Hardware Sound Modules: Roland SC-D70 & Yamaha MU2000
Music Sequence Software: Yamaha XGWorks Ver.4
CD-R/RW writer: TDK PCD4420RW
Mini Keyboard: Yamaha CBX-K1
Printer: Canon BJ F620

Digital Piano: Roland RD-300
Synthesizer: Yamaha SY77
Monitor Speakers: Yamaha NS-10M STUDIO
Power Amplifier: Yamaha MODEL A100a

Hard Disk Recorder & Sound Modules
CD-R writer( for VS1680 ): Roland CDR-88
MIDI Expander: Yamaha YME8
Synthesizer Module: Roland JV-880
Percussion Sound Module: Roland R-8M
AC Power Distributor: TEAC AV-P25
Patch Bay: TASCAM PB32P
Hard Disk Recorder: Roland VS-1680 ( updated on "VXpanded" )

Guitar & Bass
Electric Guitar: Yamaha Pacifica921M
Electric Bass: GRECO...sorry, I forgot the model name...

Recording Booth Recording Booth
Recording Booth: Yamaha AVITECS
It was installed in Jan. 2002.
My possible next wife should be broad-minded to live with such a ridiculous box...

Old Equipment
 These are my old partners of my musical activity. I could not stand to do away with them for a long time. Eventually, they had found their "foster parents" through the Internet and left here. I wish they could live out their "natural lives".

 There are also several tools, 24 channel sound mixer, sound modules, etc... I will introduce them some day.

....And finally here is the stupid master of the hideaway.
Don't you feel sick? I hope not...

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